My professional nickname is sinok. I'm an experienced 3d artrist from Athens, Greece with work in some of the greatest Greek 3d studios, such as IxorVFX and Track7Games. Currently, I hold the position of Production manager/VFX artist at the animation studio named 3Dreams. 3Dreams is member of a Companies' Group, along with one of the olderst Greek Advertising Companies (namely, the Jnl+). The Last couple of years, I have expanded my freelance work abroad and mostly in UK.

Throught years, I have developed my skills in most areas of 3d production. My combinational way of thinking, helps me find solutions when things go bad. My efforts to keep my workflows as much procedural as possible, severely contribute towards this direction.

Last, I'm cooperative, hardworking, very passionate with my proffession and I'm always willing to help. Scripting is one of my key skills to my speed. I love Pipeline Setup, Scripting/Tool development, solution finding and TD stuff in general.

For more information, you can download my complete CV here.

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